Groomy Pet Salon

All Natural Grooming

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Groomy is a natural mobile pet grooming service provider built to ensure a stress-free, relaxing haven for your pampered pets. We as pet owners understand that your pet is a member of your family and know how special they are. Our team is professionally trained to work with every breed of canines and felines with utmost care and respect. We care about Mother Nature just as much as we love our animals, which is why we use cruelty-free and 100% natural products. We use WildWash Natural Pet Care grooming products, natural products that kind and gentle on your pets and on our environment. Groomy is where your pets are groomed to perfection. Our skilled team will make your pets look smart and stylish, and feel indulged and rejuvenated. Spa time for your pets because they deserve it too!

Why us?

  • We use organic, natural and environmentally friendly products, which is safe on your pet, you and the environment
  • Our luxurious mobile salons are designed to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet
  • We ensure strict standards of hygiene by maintaining our wagon sanitized and spotlessly clean at all times
  • We make your pet look dapper and ramp ready
  • With our mobile app, you can easily track our location and make an online appointment
  • Above all, we strive to work with sincerity and integrity every single day

Why choose natural?

  • Your pet’s skin is its natural barrier against viruses and diseases - using all natural products will help betters the pet’s immune system, and they are less likely to have an allergic reaction or suffer from dermatitis
  • Use of natural products helps maintain your pet's lustrous coat
  • We all love to cuddle with our pets; use of natural products on them reduces your exposure with toxic chemicals. It is also a safer option when you have children around
  • Natural products are free of toxic chemicals, making it safe on our environment

Our Services

At Groomy, we are fully committed to creating a positive experience for our furry clients by using high quality products, high-quality equipment and maintaining high standards of hygiene.

We source our shampoos and conditioners from WildWash Natural Pet Care, one of the best quality all-natural products available in the European market. Our pet handlers understand the temperament of your pet and strive to make it a home-like experience for them. Be rest assured that after our service your pet will return home clean, groomed and joyful. 


Our mission is to educate pet owners about the benefits of all-natural products and promote its use for the overall wellbeing of their pet. We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding services and surpass their expectations.


"Our vision is to render a better world for our four-legged friends to live in. We look forward to being a leader in UAE for ethical and humane treatment of all pets.”